How to use vaginal dilators – Pick the best ones for you

All You Have To Know About Vaginal Dilators:

How To Use Them Properly And How To Find The Best
One For You

Human body consists of multiple organ systems that all work in a perfect symbiosis. If just one fails, the entire health is compromised, as you probably know already. You also know that as an individual, you should care about your body and make sure it is in a perfect health. This refers to all the organ systems in the body and each one is equally important. Now, we must add that reproductive system, especially in women requires regular care. Most of that care can be provided with vaginal dilators.

Vaginal dilators are not sex toys and they are actually prescribed by healthcare providers across the world. The sole purpose of them is to increase the strength of vaginal muscles and decrease their decline in power which comes with age.

Women who had childbirth should use them as well. It will improve the muscle function and it will provide interesting benefits. For instance, you are looking at better and longer orgasms and better overall health of the reproductive system.

Below, we will guide you through the interesting world of the vaginal dilators. We will explain what they are and how to use them properly. Also, we will reveal some interesting facts about them, so if you are interested, all you have to do is to continue reading.

What Are vaginal dilators?

What Are vaginal dilators?

Vaginal dilators are also known as vaginismus dilators and they are basically the same thing. However, they are not the same as a dildo or any other sex toy of that matter. All of the sex toys are used for stimulation, while some devices are used for making the vaginal muscles tighter than usual.

Dilators are used for a completely opposite thing. They are used to dilate the vaginal muscles and simply make them bigger. Now you can deduce what they are called like this and what they actually do for you and your health.

Their size will vary and you can have small, medium or big dilators at any given moment. Small ones have similar dimension as your finger and they are usually recommended for beginners.

Dilators are commonly recommended by gynecologists and health care providers across the world. On the other side, we know that most women discovered the importance of these items so they order them online frequently. It isn’t a mistake and as a matter of fact, it may be something you should do as well. All you can get are benefits and not a single drawback.

How to use a Vaginal Dilator?

Vaginismus dilators are incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is to insert them into your vagina with the help of vaginal muscles. You will leave it in that position for a few minutes and then you will pull it out. It is highly recommended to repeat the process a few times per day. There is no specific duration or repetition you should follow, but the more you do it, faster you will get benefits.

Dilators come in all possible sizes and shapes. As we have mentioned already, you should start with the smallest one and gradually increase their size. It is an important step to follow and the one to use if you want to get countless benefits. Starting with the biggest dilator may be an issue for some women and it isn’t recommended.

We also advise you to use lubricant while inserting the dilator into the vagina. Some manufacturers include lubricants into their packages, while others don’t. Anyway, you can get one in a local pharmacy.

In order to understand how to accurately and properly use dilators for vaginal stretching, you can consult the internet. There are countless videos on YouTube, adult websites and on health-focused sources. In addition, you should always consult the user manual which is included in the package. Most manufacturers include a detailed and well-explained user manual for all of you.

Buying a Vaginismus Dilator

If you are looking for your first dilator, you should know that they come in different sizes, as we have mentioned. But, they also come in sets which include dilators of different sizes, so you can gradually increase their size over time. Regardless of which version you choose, you should start with the smallest one and you should use lubricant.

An interesting ability is to use them with lotus balls. Make sure you exercise your vagina 2-3 times per week and you do it properly. In return, your body will be in better health and your partner will appreciate your effort as well.

Even if you believe that there is no need to use a dilator, you should consider one. Women of all ages should consider and use them and all they are going to get are benefits.

It is advised but not mandatory to have a consultation with a doctor. He or she may assist you with choosing the right size and explain to you the additional benefits of the dilators. You will also get useful information on how to use them and avoid any mistakes. Additionally, you will understand why vaginal stretching is so important and why most gynecologists recommend it. Keep in mind that it’s never too late to start.


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More Vaginal Tools For Vaginal Stretching

Vaginal dilators are not the only predicts you can use to enhance the reproductive system health. In reality, they are the most popular but they are even better when you pair them with other products designed and made for the same purpose. We should add that using lubricant is more than just recommended. Yes, we know it has been mentioned so many times, but it is so important so we will mention it for the last time.

Besides vaginismus dilators, you are free to use vaginal weights as well. They are made for the same purpose and you should start with lighter ones and gradually increase the weight. Obviously, the main purpose is for vaginal stretching but vaginal weighs have a positive effect on the pelvic floor muscles. They will enhance the orgasm even more and help it stay longer.

It is also possible to use dilators with sex toys. All you can get are a pleasure and better reproductive system health and you will definitely be a happier person. We also know that dilators are very useful when paired with vibrators, dildos and vibrating gloves.

Dilators Evolved

Dilators Evolved

10-15 years ago, vaginal dilators were only prescribed by gynecologists and health care providers. They were rare and difficult to find. Most women didn’t even know about them nor did they use them. Luckily, all of that changed with the modern era.

Nowadays, vaginismus dilators can be purchased online easier than ever. They will arrive in discreet packaging and there are a lot of tutorials and help articles online. All of this made them better-known than ever before and now you are likely to have a friend or friends who have been using them for a longer period of time.

Vaginal stretching has been incorporated in many studies and surveys so now it is better-known than ever before. Scientists are still discovering wonderful effects and benefits of this process and more and more of them are recommending dilators as the best way to care of your reproductive system, improve orgasm and get additional benefits as well.

Reason #1: Fear

The first reason why you should use vaginal dilators is to treat a condition known as fear of penetration. It is a psychological disorder that requires therapy. It is usually caused by tight vaginal muscles which make penetration uncomfortable and even painful.

Using vaginal dilators to treat this condition is more than just successful and has been used across the globe in the past 5-10 years. The main issue for most women is to tell someone about their disorder which makes treatment impossible. Using dilators you don’t have to tell anyone and you are free to solve the condition once for all.

When using dilators, you will stretch the vaginal muscles and you will make penetration comfortable and pleasant. All of this is the key to eliminating the fear of penetration and enjoy making love with your partner. In addition, always take your time and don’t force the process or speed it up every now and then. Make sure you have all the time you need and gradually increase the size of dilators. By doing this, you will get the most effective vaginal stretching.



Reason #2: Vaginismus

Vaginismus is another condition which requires treatment. It can be caused by the psychological or physical change of the vaginal muscles and it affects millions of women in the United States only. This condition basically has the same side effects as the fear of penetration, although they are more pronounced and usually more painful. This is also the reason why dilators are also called vaginismus dilators.

Regardless of the cause of your condition, you should have a consultation with your gynecologists and start using dilators for vaginal stretching. They are effective in both case scenarios due to the obvious reasons. If your condition is based on a psychological problem, you will eliminate it by getting used to penetration and you will start enjoying making love more than ever before. If your condition is based on physical causes, you will simply stretch the vaginal muscles and make sex more comfortable and pain-free. All of this means that you will cure the condition and eliminate it from your life.

Reason #3: Vaginal Reconstruction

Reason #3: Vaginal Reconstruction

Vaginal Reconstruction is a type of surgery where vaginal canal and opening are reconstructed, hence the name. The cause for the reconstruction can be any of the following: childbirth, hernia, pelvic floor surgery and many other. Once the procedure is completed, you will need some period of time (depending on the type of reconstruction) to recover. When the recovery is completed, you will have to use vaginal dilators.

Vaginismus dilators are essential to use after the vaginal reconstruction procedure and they are recommended by gynecologists, health care providers and even by women who had the procedure. The sole purpose in this case scenario is to perform vaginal stretching and shape the vaginal canal. Yes, it will require more time than other reasons we have mentioned above, but it is the only way you can have normal sex once again and make penetration natural.

It is important to repeat that vaginismus dilators are mandatory to use after vaginal reconstruction, not recommended. If you do not use them, the procedure won’t be effective and you won’t be able to enjoy sex! Luckily this is something a surgeon will advise you to use after the procedure.

Reason #4: Chemotherapy

One of the situations or better said treatments which require the use of vaginal dilators is after receiving chemotherapy. It is the standard treatment for treating cancer. Basically, your body, including cancer will be treated with radioactive isotopes. But, they damage the soft tissue inside the body, including armpits, vaginal muscles and soft tissue inside the body. Vaginismus dilators are highly recommended after the chemotherapy due to the fact they will re-shape the vaginal canal and make it all natural once again.

Vaginal stretching is once again the only way you can correct the scarring tissue and make vaginal canal natural. As the end result, you will be able to enjoy sex more, your partner will be impressed and sex will be comfortable or the same as it was before chemotherapy.

How long you will have to use dilators depend on the number of chemotherapy treatments you had and on the vaginal tissue damaging. Yes, it may be a long process but you will be able to correct the issues that make sex uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Some women even prefer using dilators during the chemotherapy treatments, but we will advise you to have a consultation with your doctor before you start. It is usually better to start after the chemotherapy is ended due to the fact there won’t be further tissue damage.