How to use luna beads – Pick the best ones for you

Introducing Luna Beads:

How To Pick The Best One For You And How To Use Them

Most of you have heard of lotus balls that are designed to help you increase the strength of the kegel muscles. These muscles are located in the pelvic floor and they control orgasm, penetration, small intestine and so much more. Now, we want to introduce luna beads which are a unique type of lotus balls made by Lelo.

Luna beads come in two different sizes. There are mini and classic and they both should be considered. Lelo is probably the best brand to consider if you are looking for a product of this kind, and it is something you should do regardless of your age.

Lelo luna beads come in a set which includes 4 different units. They are interchangeable and they can be used by women of all ages. A nice addition is well-written user manual that will help you understand all about the product, how to use it and which benefits you will get. Of course, there is a great warranty in the package which makes it a safe choice.

How to Use Luna Beads

How to Use Luna Beads

As we have mentioned, each pleasure bead comes with a unique user manual and it will help you understand all about them, including how to use them. This is a great thing, considering that most sex aids and sex toys don’t come with a user manual. Luckily, Lelo brand includes in each package.

Don’t forget that this product is also known as the milano beads and they are commonly available under this name as well, along with the two we have mentioned earlier.

The idea is to insert them into a vagina and leave them for a specific period of time. How long depends solely on you. Some women like keeping them inside for a longer period of time, while others prefer frequent use for a shorter period of time. When these beads move, they will vibrate, which is useful for making the kegel muscles stronger or to make sure they stay in top-notch form.

A pleasure bead can be considered as an advanced sex toy. According to the Lelo’s official website, they can be used while walking, dancing or simply while moving around. The idea is to get pleasure at any given moment whenever you are. According to many women, this actually works and you will be impressed with the simplicity and effect.

Reasons to Use Milano Beads

As you would assume, there are a lot of reasons why you should consider using milano beads. We have already revealed that they are used as sex aid and as a tool for exercising, but the second aspect will be more important in this case scenario.

Pelvic floor or kegel muscles if you prefer to control the strength of your orgasm and they can help you enjoy more or less in sex. The thing is, their strength and elasticity will start declining with age. Some women experience this in their 20s, while others experience in their 40s. When you use luna beads you will contract and expand your kegel muscles. In return, you get a more ’’powerful’’ orgasm and you will definitely be able to enjoy more.

Milano beads can be used with your partner as well. They are a great source of fun and many women report that they have been using them with their partners for a long period of time.

Using Luna Beads Right

The first thing you will have to know is how to use luna beads properly. Make sure you have read the user manual. Just in case you want to read it before you purchase the product, you can go to the official website of Lelo, navigate to the resources page and download the user manual.

We will also advise you to use lubricant simply because it will eliminate the risk of friction. Lubricant can be found at your local pharmacy store and it is extremely affordable. Of course, you should always start with the lightest, the smallest milano beads and increase their size over time.

Don’t think that they are difficult to remove from your vagina. The string you will see is standard for each pleasure bead, so removing it is extremely easy.


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Buying Beads

When it comes to purchasing your new set of luna beads, you have a few options. You can do it at the official manufacturer website, Amazon or third party websites. Basically, you will get the same product so there is no need to worry about your purchase. All you should know is that they come in two sizes, Mini and Classic (28 and 37 grams) and they must come with a user manual and a warranty, which is 1 or 10 years. Always make sure that the price is affordable. After all, Lelo’s milano beads are considered to be excellent value for money.

We must mention that purchasing a product of this kind won’t reveal on the credit card statement. For instance, you won’t see ‘’sex toy’’ or anything similar. All of the beads are sold as a piece of exercising equipment, which they are precisely and they will be discretely delivered to you. Not a single person will know you have just purchased exercising equipment for your vagina.

Resources for Beads

Resources for Beads

One of the most severe issues when purchasing equipment for exercising your kegel muscles is the lack of help you can get. Luckily this isn’t the case with luna beads. As we have mentioned several times, the manufacturer includes the user manual and all other elements you will need to use them properly.

Just in a case you want more, there are a lot of additional resources available online. They will help you discover all the secrets about a pleasure bead how to use them, what you will get and so much more. As a matter of fact, you can even find useful videos on YouTube. This is possible due to the fact this product isn’t considered to be a sex toy, but rather a medical piece of equipment.

Your Vaginal Health

Most women never spend a minute worrying about their virginal health. Why? The answer is actually very simple. Most women believe that vagina will take care of itself the entire life and there is no need to care about it. Partially they are correct, but this isn’t the whole part of the story.

A vagina will take care of itself the entire life, but only when it comes to the pH levels, cleaning and partially lubrication. It is unable to take care of the kegel muscles health! Here we can see that a pleasure bead is more important than all of you may believe.

Making sure that your kegel muscles are in perfect shape as long as you can is essential. You will get various benefits which have been mentioned already in the article here. But, in essence, your vaginal health will be in perfect condition.

Another thing you should be aware of is that exercising your kegel muscles is essential if you have had a childbirth, reconstructive surgery or you are simply in an age that starts affecting your kegel muscles. In a nutshell, luna beads are the answer to your question.



For More Information…

Be free to ask any additional question you may have related with the luna beads freely and without any consideration. A good thing is the fact you can use search engines to get most of the answers, which have not been explained here. However, we believe that we gave you the complete list of answers you will have to know about milano beads.

It is essential to remember that you must take care of your reproductive system and your vaginal health. There are a lot of possibilities out there, but lotus balls, kegel exercise weights, and luna beads are the best of them all.

Ask Your Doctor

Ask Your Doctor

As you already know, visiting your gynecologists once every 6 months is mandatory. When you visit him the next time, you can ask him about the pleasure bead. Due to the popularity of this product, it is likely that he or she will be familiar with the manufacturer and with the positive effects of using this tool.

Most of the gynecologists have been recommending milano beads for years and you may be the next person who will get the same recommendation. Now you can understand how and why each woman should start using this form of exercising equipment as soon as possible.

Common Questions Regarding Pleasure Bead

Now we will give you answers to the common questions you may have related to the product.

– Can I use a pleasure bead if I am a virgin?

Yes, it is perfectly safe and there won’t be any issues if you are a virgin. There is no need to mention that cannot lose your virginity by using the beads.

– Should I use luna beads if I had a childbirth?

They are specifically designed for women who are recovering from a childbirth, so yes, you can use them.

– Can they be impossible to remove from my vagina?

No, they can’t. There is a safety string that makes removing the beads easier than ever before.