How to use luna beads – Pick the best ones for you

You might have heard of ben-wa or lotus balls before (also sometimes called vaginal exercise balls, or sometimes vaginal weights); even if you’ve never heard the name then you’ll likely have seen them for sale: Two, usually silver, vibrating balls. They look a little bit like an executive office toy.

LUNA beads are a one-of-a-kind product manufactured by Lelo – and they’re Lelo’s version of ben-wa balls; basically, the next step up from regular vaginal beads. They are available in two different sizes – Mini and Classic – and come with a full instructional manual that will teach you more about how to use them.

Each different set of LUNA beads comes with four different beads – and these are interchangeable.

Just what do they do? Luna beads are designed for the health of your vagina – and it’s one way to keep your vaginal muscles strong (and tight!): Plus, it’s the only kind of exercise where you don’t really have to do much.

Sometimes, they’re also referred to as Milano beads, and you might find them for sale in other places under a few other names, too – including ben-wa balls. But if the description doesn’t say LUNA beads, then you’ll know they haven’t been manufactured by Lelo, and doesn’t come with the same guarantee.

How to Use Luna Beads

The good thing about buying LUNA beads is the fact that they come with an instructional manual that’ll tell you everything you need to know about the product – just how to use it, and what others have thought about the product. Most sex toys (or even sex aids) don’t come with instructions that tell you how to use them – they just kind of wait for you to figure it out on your own, either from someone else or from watching it somewhere on the internet.Using LUNA beads are pretty simple, though: Start off with the lightest beads of the set. These are, if you haven’t guessed this by now, inserted into the vagina – and held there with muscle contractions for, well, however long you need to.

Some women choose to do it only for a couple of minutes every day, though the manufacturer’s website also mentions that many women choose to step up to the more “advanced” form of vaginal exercise by wearing their LUNA beads out on the town – yes, apparently this is even possible when you’re going out dancing.

LUNA beads vibrate as they move, and this adds to the sensation of using them – and it also means that you can use them as both a sex aid or a sex toy. It’s up to you.

How to Use Luna Beads

Reasons to Use Milano Beads

We’ve said both sex toy and sex aid several times in this article, but here’s where we explain just what that means for your health. First, you should know that your muscles – that’s your pelvic floor or “kegel” muscles as they are sometimes called – will lose their strength and elasticity over time. This is true for all of the muscles in your body, and it means that you will eventually experience less powerful orgasms and, sometimes, incontinence as you age.

Keeping your muscles in excellent health is one way to prevent this effect from happening. Of course, you might have guessed by now that this is where LUNA beads would come in: The action of expanding and contracting the muscles is what strengthens them over time, which means that you can use Milano beads as part of your weekly exercise routine – and it’s recommended by many doctors and gynecologists that you do.

LUNA beads can also be good for your sexual health in general. In addition to stronger orgasms, many women report that they managed to incorporate LUNA beads into fun with their partner – or themselves – making it more than just your simple sex aid. It’s not just good for you, it’s fun for you, too.

Using Them Right

Read the instructional guide that comes with your LUNA beads before you insert anything into anything else: This can save you some headaches later on. If you are still waiting for your order to arrive, or you are still thinking of buying LUNA beads and haven’t quite decided yet, then you can download the instructional manual from the LUNA website – just scroll down to the Resources part of this article for the link.

You should ideally use some personal lubricant when inserting your LUNA beads, and when removing them – especially if you plan on wearing them for longer. You should start with the lightest weight of the bunch and work your way up instead of the other way around. You should incorporate it into your regular exercise routine – you can even do this with yoga.

You should also always be careful when inserting and removing, as injury from sharp fingernails, friction and dryness are possible.

And if it’s a concern for you – as it is for a lot of women who have never used products like these before – you don’t have to worry about “losing” the LUNA beads inside of you during use. That’s what the attached string is for: That it can be removed just as easily as it was inserted.

Buying Beads

Ideally, you should buy your set of LUNA beads directly from the manufacturer; though you will also likely find them for sale through a lot of third-party retailers, including Amazon and many adult-interest stores both online and off. If you’re using a third-party retailer, be sure that the product still has the original guarantee included, and that they aren’t overcharging.LUNA beads can be purchased in two different sizes: Mini and Classic. They come with four attached beads – 28g and 37g – and come with a one year warranty and a ten year guarantee directly from the manufacturer. If the product doesn’t do it for you, then you can get in touch directly with them and they’ll sort out your concerns.

When buying LUNA beads from an online manufacturer, you generally don’t have to worry about something like “sex toys” or “vaginal beads” showing up on your credit card charges or on your doorstep: Most manufacturers, including the manufacturers of LUNA beads themselves, will ship your product to you as discreetly as possible.

Of course, check this with the individual merchant you are ordering from if privacy is a big issue, like if you have to have your product shipped to your work address.

Buying Luna Beads

Resources for Beads

The discussion about LUNA beads and what they can do for your health doesn’t stop there. Not many sex toys or sex aids come with instructions: Most of them will just assume that you already know how to do it and leave you to figure out the rest. This leads to a lot of sex aids being used incorrectly – and, well, not helping anyone.

The first thing to know is that your set of LUNA beads comes with an instruction manual that’ll tell you everything that you need to know about using your beads. You can also download this from their website if you are still waiting for your order, or if you have received your order and would like to keep another manual around.

You can also find plenty of videos about LUNA beads and how to use them on YouTube: Just head over to your search engine and type in “LUNA beads” – there are a couple of great instructional videos made by LELO instructors on how to use the product.

If you are still in the dark about something, you can ask your doctor about what they would recommend, or contact LELO directly through their website with any questions that you might have.

Your Vaginal Health

It’s completely okay to admit it: People haven’t been spending a lot of time talking about vaginal health over the past fifty or sixty years. This has led to a lot of misinformation out there about vaginal health and just how everything is supposed to work – and even though we have resources like the internet, there are still many people who are too afraid to ask.

Stop: It’s nothing to be ashamed of. In today’s age, it’s not even worth blushing about. Women have vaginas, and it’s about time that you start taking care of yours.

While the vagina is largely self-regulating in terms of things like Ph-levels, the muscles surrounding it will need some help later on in your life – especially if you have recently undergone surgery, had children or undergone any kind of hormonal changes.

For these muscles, we have kegel exercises to keep the muscles functioning as they should even well into your fifties, sixties or older. And it’s essential for most women – and men! – as they age to keep their pelvic floor muscles working.

But most people don’t know just how important the exercising of their kegel muscles can be. Why? Because nobody told them. Take care of your body, and your body will take care of you.

For More Information…

Of course, don’t think that what we’ve already said in this article is everything that there is to say about ben-wa balls, lotus balls, LUNA beads or your vaginal health. As we’ve already said, it’s vitally important that more people start talking about their vaginas – and this includes you reading this.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask questions, and remember that search engines very rarely judge you based on what you search. If there’s anything related to your reproductive health (or someone else’s) that you would like an answer to, head over to the internet and learn to do thorough research whenever there is something that you need to know.

Reproductive health isn’t just something you can forget about and move on from: It’s something that you have to keep thinking about and working at if you want a healthy sex life – even if you don’t think you need the extra help yet.

It really doesn’t take that much to exercise your kegels a few times per day – or even per week. It doesn’t even take that long. Considering that it’s one of the top ways to fight later health issues like incontinence and loss of muscle control when you get older, you should include kegel exercise in your routine now.

Ask Your Doctor

There are, of course, plenty of questions that the internet might not be able to answer for you – or things that you just don’t want to type into Google. That’s fine. For any of those questions, or ones pertaining directly to your health, you can and should ask your doctor or gynecologist. Make a regular appointment with your reproductive health professional – at least once every six months – even if you don’t think that anything is wrong.Check-ups should be your way of making sure that nothing is wrong with your health, and it’s a good time to raise any questions that you might have about your general reproductive health. You can even take this article along to your doctor and ask them if LUNA beads could be the right option for keeping your vagina healthy in the long term.

If you have any questions that this article – and the rest of the internet – couldn’t answer for you, make an appointment with your doctor. They are medical professionals, and won’t as much as blush – you can literally ask them anything.

And, if you want to stay healthy for a very long time, then we suggest that you ask your medical professional about anything and everything that could improve your health.

Ask Your Doctor about luna beads

Common Questions

It’s normal to have questions if you’ve never seen a set of LUNA balls before – and this section of the article hopes to answer the most common ones before you go on to make your purchase or use the product for the first time.

Can I use LUNA beads if I have never had sex before? The most simple answer is yes; there is nothing that stops you from using LUNA beads if you have never had penetrative sex, or haven’t had sex for a long time. Almost anyone can make use of LUNA beads without having to worry.

Can I use LUNA beads if I am recovering from pregnancy? Yes! LUNA beads are not just safe for women recovering from pregnancy, they are recommended for women who want to get their bodies – and vaginas – back to optimum shape.

Can my LUNA beads get stuck in my vagina? In most cases, no: The vagina is simply not deep enough for things to get randomly lost in it. It’s not designed that way. It’s a vagina – not deep space. And, your LUNA beads come with an easy-to-use string attached so that you can remove them easily. It’s recommended that you do use lubricant, though, just to make things easier.