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Why You Should Use Them And How In 10 Minutes

The first thing you will have to know is that all of you have pelvic floor muscles known as kegel muscles. They control your bladder, rectum, orgasm and urine flow. Same like any other muscle group they should be exercised. For example, we all know that biceps, heart and any other muscle in our body must get physical activity. The situation is the same when it comes to kegel muscles.

Another fact you must be aware of is that kegel muscle function will decline with age. All women are affected by this issue and it will occur at some point in their life. The situation is even more severe if you don’t exercise them.

So, how you actually exercise them? For instance, you can use kegel balls, but kegel weights, also known as kegel exercise weights are highly recommended. In the content below, we will help you understand all about them and explain why you should start using them today.

Why Use Kegel Weights

Why Use Kegel Weights

The biggest question of them all is why you should use kegel weights. Simply telling you that you should won’t be a wise step to do. As such, we will have to explain this matter in depth, so you can truly understand what happens with your kegel muscles.

Kegel muscles will decline in function over the years. In some women, this will occur as soon as they reach the 40s, other can start noticing the side effects in their 20s. The bottom line is that all women regardless of their age should use kegel exercise weights. The sooner you start, the better.

If you start sooner in your life, you will prepare your kegel muscles so they won’t start declining in function as you age. In other words, they will stay in the same shape as when you were 20 years old, which is a good thing.

If you are in your 30s or 40s, you should start using vaginal weights (they are also known under this name) as well. By using them, you will make sure your kegel muscles stay in perfect condition. Basically, you will slow down and eliminate the declining in the function we mentioned earlier.

By making sure your kegel muscles are in great shape, you will notice an improvement in orgasm, you will be able to control your urine flow, bladder and rectum much easier.

Due to the just mentioned facts and a lot of others, kegel exercise weights are frequently recommended by gynecologists and healthcare professionals. It is important to add that these products are considered as medical equipment rather than anything else.

How to Use Vaginal Weights

Most women are new to the world of kegel weights so they don’t know how to use them properly. You should know that they come in different types and kinds, but basically, they have the same purpose and the design is similar.

These weights are designed to be inserted into the vagina and left them for a specific period of time. You can start with a few seconds and gradually increase the duration. When you do this, you will notice that kegel muscles start to contract which means they exercise, literally.

Don’t forget that weights for kegel muscles come in different sizes or weights. You should start with the lightest ones and also gradually increase their weight. Starting with the heaviest unit won’t be effective and can cause injury!

Vaginal weights can be purchased individually or in sets. Sets are generally more affordable than when you purchase several different ones and they allow for you to make constant advance simply by using heavier units once you are done with lighter ones. Of course, you can start by purchasing just one, a lighter unit and purchase another when you are ready.

These weights can be used for sexual pleasure as well. Be free to use them whenever you want for any period of time in order to get sexual pleasure, strengthen your kegel muscles or both.

What Kegels Do

By now you already know that kegel muscles or pelvic floor muscles control the strength of your orgasm and this is one of the main reasons why you should exercise them. Stronger the muscles, better the orgasm. But, kegel muscles also control the function of small intestine and anus, besides many other things.

There are countless disorders that will affect the kegel muscles. Basically, all of them speed up the decline in function and all of them will make sure you lose the ability to enjoy making love and the orgasm effect. Kegel weights are simply the ultimate way to prevent all of that and to make sure your kegel muscles are in perfect order.

We will also repeat that the function of these muscles decreases over time due to genetic factors, a low level of activity and so much more.


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Keeping Kegel Healthy

As you know by now, kegel exercise weights are something all women should use. Usually, they start using them when a doctor mentions the importance of the muscles and their function. A good thing is that it isn’t too late to start exercising them at that particular moment.

But, if we deduce that you have read the article completely, then we must recommend you to start using the weighs and exercise your kegel muscles as soon as possible. You don’t have anything to lose and you will get so much.

In addition, besides using kegel weights you should pay attention to your diet and body weight. It is important to have a proper, a healthy diet, so visiting an expert is definitely something you should do. When we have a healthy diet, we will be able to maintain overall health better than ever before and you will definitely have the ability to keep all your muscles in a perfect condition.

Of course, it should be mentioned that using vaginal weights alongside another form of activity is more than just advised. One of the best ways to get activity is yoga. By doing yoga you increase the flexibility of the entire body, you will make sure your muscles are in better form and you will be a happier woman. These are just a few glimpses of yoga benefits!

Kegel Weights - Other Tips

Other Tips

When using kegel weights you can exercise in two ways. The first one is to quickly contact the kegel muscles and expand them as soon as possible. The second way is to contact them and keep them in this position for a few seconds. Vaginal weights are proven to be effective in both case scenarios and they are even more effective when you exercise by combining the two processes.

Keep in mind that kegel weights are just one part of the numerous kegel products you can use to enhance the strength and overall health of the kegel muscles. They are also known to be the most effective and the simplest to use.

By using them and making a few minor changes in your lifestyle, like doing yoga and having a healthy diet, you will keep the entire body and mind in great shape. You will be a happier person and you will enjoy sex more than ever. Yes, your partner will be impressed as well.

These exercises can be performed literally anywhere and at any given moment. You can read this article and use weights for your kegel muscles. Not a single person will know you exercise and only you will notice the full potential of the exercises. The first result is visible after just one week.

Explaining Vaginal Weights

Vaginal weights are extremely effective in exercising kegel muscles, but they are also considered to be a more advanced form of exercising tool. If you are an absolute beginner, you will want to start with kegel balls. Basically, they are the same thing, but they are lighter and smaller. Once you are ready, you can start with kegel weights.

These weights come in different sizes and weights, but you can also get sets which are recommended if you are planning to seriously exercise your muscles. They are also more affordable than purchasing different weights separately.

We will advise you to use a lubricant while exercising. It makes it more pleasant, easier and more natural. Lubricant will also eliminate the risk of any injury or tissue damage.



Types of Kegel Exercise Weights

Kegel exercise weights come in many different sizes, forms, and shapes, but they are basically all the same. The only, important difference is in the weight. As we have explained, all women should start with the light one, the one that suits them the most. Gradually increase the weight each week or after 2 weeks if you feel this is the best thing to do.

This form of exercising is exactly the same as any other exercising you will have at a gym. You always start with lower weights and increase the weight on the gym machines. The situation is the same here.

Always keep in mind that you can have a consultation with your gynecologist and he will recommend the exercises as well. All of them are familiar with the positive effects and with the advantages, women of all ages can obtain.

Buying Kegel Weights

Buying Kegel Weights

As with all other vaginal-exercise equipment you can get kegel exercise weights in two ways. The first one is to go to a local pharmacy store and purchase them directly. Sadly, this is unpleasant for most women and according to the online surety, almost 90% will try to avoid this situation. Luckily, there is an easier way to get vaginal weights.

You can simply order them online and you will get them at your home address within days. On the package won’t say vaginal weight product or anything like that. Instead, it will be discrete or simply say gym equipment. After all, they are precisely as you think, they are equipped for exercising.

When purchasing online, make sure you find an online seller who is proficient with selling and testing these products. Always read the reviews of the products and if possible, find the reviews of women who already purchased them and have been using them. Don’t forget to pay close attention to the quality, delivery service, and the satisfaction rate.

Kegel weights are nowadays easier to get than ever before and finally, more and more women are understanding the importance this equipment has to offer and how they can improve their health and stay more desirable in bed for a long period of time.

How Not to Use them

The entire time we were focused on how to use vaginal weights properly, but now is the time to explain what you must not do. The first is the obvious thing. You should not start with the bigger one due to the fact you can damage the soft tissue inside vagina. You should start with smaller weight and increase their size.

Never purchase kegel weights instead or for your partner. She must decide which size is the best for her and for her vagina. As such, it is always better to have a consultation with a gynecologist or to allow for a partner to purchase weights for exercising vagina all by herself. By doing this you will eliminate the risk of injury and you will make sure you will be able to get the most and the best exercising every single time you use a weight of this kind.

The last thing we will want to mention is never use kegel exercise weights for too long period of time. This is known as extreme exercising and it will have a negative effect on your kegel muscles. You will get strains and you will experience pain. All you have to do is to start slow, follow our guidelines and enjoy exercising.

Kegel exercising weights are something all women regardless of their age should use. Younger ladies will make sure they prevent kegel muscles from declining in function and older women will prolong the strength of their kegel muscles.