How to Use Kegel Balls – Pick the Best Ones for You

Kegel Balls Explained

Basics, Benefits And How To Use Them

As we grow older, our body changes dramatically. Some of you may know that reproductive system changes even more than other organ systems. That’s why all women should maintain their vaginal health and try to keep it in perfect condition.

One solution that can help you more than you can imagine is kegel balls. We will explain all you should know about them and we will guide you through the entire process, even if you are a complete beginner.

Interesting facts about vagina

Interesting facts about vagina

During the entire lifespan, your vagina will take care of itself. It will be able to clean itself, to maintain proper lubrication and to balance the pH levels. But, over time it will lose its capability to manage all of the above, which means you will have to manage instead. This is where kegel balls come handy, as we will explain below.

Some of the common issues that may affect your vagina as you get older are thrush and UTI. Both of the conditions are affected by the improper pH balance inside the vagina. Also, both of them will require help from you or a professional health care provider to solve.

An interesting fact about vagina is that it is also controlled by muscles as most other organs in the human body. Those muscles are known as kegel muscles and they are directly linked to the orgasms. If you have stronger muscles which are in perfect condition, your orgasm will be so much better. Now you know why kegel balls are known under this name. They are also known as vagina balls and ben wa balls.

Myths About Vaginal Health

There are more than a thousand myths about vagina you probably never heard of. Reason why is obvious. Women and men haven’t talked about vagina in history, until recently, which is a good thing. Now we know all about this organ and we would like to share a few myths with you.
The first one is that vagina doesn’t have to be exercised. But, we already explained that it is controlled by muscles, same as your arms and legs, so exercising is actually important.

The main muscles that control vagina are called kegel muscles and precisely they should be exercised every now and then. This is essential for all women who can’t have an orgasm. In most of those cases, the issue is with the muscles. They are underdeveloped and as such, they have a negative effect on the orgasm. If you are one of them, using kegel balls is something you should use.

Explaining Kegel Muscles

Now we will have to explain kegel muscles. The first thing you will want to know is why they are named like this. The name comes from Dr. Arnold Kegel who discovered them and analyzed them. Of course, they are also known as pelvic floor muscles and they are responsible for several processed that occur inside a body.

Kegel muscles are directly linked with the contractions that occur inside the vagina during orgasm. Over time, your orgasms will be decreased and you may be unable to get one. All of this is caused by the decreased function of the kegel muscles.

Another process that kegel muscles control is urine flow. You use them when you want to start or stop the urine flow.

As we have mentioned already, with age, the function of kegel muscles will decrease and that will cause several, related issues and problems. In order to prevent that and to maintain the proper health of the reproductive system, you should use kegel balls. They are essential for all the women in their 40s and 50s or older and they are highly recommended for all younger women.


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Can You Benefit From a Kegel Exerciser?

The shortest answer we can give to you is yes, you will benefit from using a Kegel Exerciser. The sad truth is the fact most women never exercise their kegel muscles simply because they have never heard of them, or they believe these muscles don’t have to be exercised. The reality is completely different.

All women should use vagina balls a few times a week. If you start at an early age, you will prevent massive kegel muscle deterioration and maintain proper health of the reproduction system. If you start later in your life, you will still be able to maintain the health of your vagina. It is important to remember that it’s never too late to start using this treatment.

Women who had multiple childbirths are almost mandatory to use vagina balls. They will help recover the vagina tightness and they reinforce the kegel muscles. All of this means that you will be in proper health and you will simply enjoy sex more and more. The last, but not least, your partner will appreciate the exercises you have been taking.

In addition, even women who spend hours per week at a gym should consider using vagina balls occasionally. Gym-based exercises are unable to train the kegel muscles in the same way a Kegel Exerciser will.

The Best Kegel Tools for the Best Results

The Best Kegel Tools for the Best Results

There are two ways to purchase vagina balls these days. The first method is the oldest of them all and probably well-known for all of you. You will basically go to the local store and find kegel balls and purchase them. But, this isn’t something most women want to do. It is a piece of exercising equipment that is linked to your intimacy so you don’t like to share it with other people. That’s why the second method is more desirable.

The second method is to order kegel balls online. There are a lot of places where you can find high-quality and well-made products of this kind that have been properly tested and approved by the third parties. Just in case, always look for the reviews of the users or professionals and pay close attention to the quality and the delivery time frame.

The best part is the fact you will get your new ben wa balls in a discrete package. They are packaged to look like pharmaceutical products or like other products for exercising. This is an excellent way if you don’t want anyone to know you are using exercising equipment for your kegel muscles.

Kegel Muscles over Time

We all know that kegel muscles will deteriorate over time. There are several reasons why this happens and one of them is a generic factor. In some women, these muscles start to decline in function in their 40s and 50s and they continue to deteriorate till the end of the lifespan. On other women, this starts to happen much sooner, even in their 20s.

Another reason why this happens is the quality of life and the exercises you have been performing the entire life. It is known that most women are insufficiently active and they are the first to notice the decline in function in kegel muscles.

All of this means that you should start using the kegel balls as soon as possible. As a young individual, you will prevent the kegel muscle deterioration and you will make sure they stay in a perfect condition. Even if you are at your 40s or 50s, it’s never too late to start using the ben wa balls. You will be able to restore the function and the strength of the kegel muscles and you will feel younger.



What are Vagina Balls?

You already knew that they are commonly available as ben wa balls or vagina balls. They usually have two silver or pink balls that are linked to each other and they look strange at first sight. Chances are high that you have seen them already. Some of you saw them online, while others saw them at adult stores. Some of you may have even seen them in a local pharmacy.

The sole purpose of the balls is to be inserted into the vagina and used to control the expanding and the contractions of the kegel muscles. In return, you will improve your control over these muscles and you will be able to enjoy in orgasms more than ever before.

If your gynecologist recommended them for you already, start using them as soon as possible. If he or she still didn’t recommend the ben wa balls you should start a casual conversation with them and you will get a prescription.

How to Use Ben Wa Balls

How to Use Ben Wa Balls

For all of you who have ordered the ben wa balls the next step will be more than just useful. Yes, we will reveal how to use them properly. Don’t forget that they are also known as Venus balls, but they are basically the same thing.

You will start by inserting them into the vagina. Once they are in, leave them in that position for a few seconds or a few minutes. We advise you to start with smaller balls and gradually increase the weight of them. Some units will have weight inside, which are considered to be more advanced models for advanced users. Others will vibrate when inserted which is also useful.

Make sure to increase the duration you keep them into your vagina and to increase the weight of them. Eventually, you will notice the massive improvements regarding the kegel muscles and you will be able to enjoy sex more than before. Of course, orgasms will be enhanced as well.

Best Kegel Tools for Women

When it comes to choosing the new vagina balls your possibilities are truly endless. You have the ability to choose between countless sizes, colors, and weights. Some of them will look precisely as we have mentioned already. They have two balls and they are silver in colors. Others may be made of crystal and they are designed for women who like the feel of this material or believe in the supernatural properties of the material.

New and modern ben wa balls come with several improvements. They can be controlled via the remote controller or they can be connected to a smartphone and controlled over the app. Those models also allow you to store the user data and monitor the progress over time. They are highly recommended for women who are addicted to the latest technology and who want to get the easiest model of them all.

Know that some ben wa balls are advertised as vaginal trainers and they are a slightly different thing. They are designed to improve the strength of the kegel muscles and to provide sexual pleasure while used. Basically, they are very versatile and commonly mixed as sex toys, although they are not entirely that.

Choosing Kegel Balls

The first task before you start choosing the new kegel balls is to look around and find models that you like. You can also have a consultation with your gynecologists in order to assist you with your choice. Set up a budget and start searching for the most appealing model.

The next task is to decide what you actually want. Are you looking for a unit that will help you exercise your kegel muscles only or you seek for sexual pleasure as well? It is relatively easy to make up your mind and most women choose two types of products. One to use for exercising the kegel muscles and another for sexual pleasure.

By now you already know that vagina balls come in all possible sizes and weights. You should start with the lightest of them all and therefore with the smallest. It is the same as when exercising at a gym. You will start by using small weights and gradually increase their size and weight. Using Venus balls is basically the same thing. You will use them for exercising your muscles, therefore you should start with low weight and increase it.
The next step is to start using them. Use them for a few times per week and gradually increase the length of each exercise and the frequency of them as well.

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