How to Use Kegel Balls – Pick the Best Ones for You

Kegel balls should be an essential part of your routine if you want to keep your body healthy as you get older; vaginal health is something that very few people think of as they get older – but your body will change, and you have to change with it. Here’s more information about them, what they are and how to use them.

Statistics About the Vagina

The vagina takes care of itself for the most part when women are younger: It produces its own natural lubrication so that it doesn’t dry out, and it can be called self-cleaning – the Ph balance and culture levels are maintained by the body with little intervention necessary from you or from anyone else. This is true for the most part, though most women will at some point be affected by a common infection known as thrush, or be affected by a UTI – both are usually caused by the vagina’s Ph levels needing to be adapted.

Science has long-since discovered that there is literally no need for a woman to have to follow ancient routines like douches or so-called “tightening soaps.” – it takes care of itself.

But this doesn’t stay true forever. As you get older, your body will change, and your vagina changes along with it. The vagina is controlled by muscles like everything else, and kegel balls are a great way to keep your vagina working as it should – even when you’re young, it will intensify the strength of your vaginal muscles.

The vagina is controlled by the kegel muscles, which also tie directly to the strength of your orgasms.

Myths About Vaginal Health

There are an entire list of myths that are related to your vagina and vaginal health; plenty of them come from the fact that people just haven’t been talking about their vaginas in public until very recently. For example, most women have no idea that kegel exercises are necessary for overall vaginal health because they have never been told this by their gynecologists, doctors or friends before.Today, we’re a lot more open about vaginas and vaginal health than we were back in the 40’s of 50’s – and that’s a good thing. But there are still a lot of myths and misinformation around. Did you realize that kegel exercises were a vital part of your health before you read it here? Most women did not.

Just some of these myths people have built up over the years include the idea that some women simply can’t have an orgasm; sometimes this is tied to a condition called anorgasmia, though most times it is simply the fact that they should be strengthening their kegel muscles.

Another myth is the idea that the vagina doesn’t need to be exercised; it’s controlled by muscles like most parts of your body – including your legs, your hips, your stomach, your back and your heart. So why not choose to exercise your vagina?

Myths About Vaginal Health

Explaining Kegel Muscles

Even though most women (and men) don’t realize it, kegel muscles – also called the pelvic floor muscles – are in charge of a lot of your bodily functions, and how healthy they are directly affects both your general and reproductive health, especially as you get older.

Explained by their most simple definition, your pelvic floor muscles are the muscles that control the flow of urine: So, exercising your kegel muscles feels a lot like stopping and starting the flow. This isn’t the only thing that these muscles do as you might have already guessed.

The strength of your vaginal contractions during an orgasm – and other things like incontinence later on in life – is directly tied to your Kegel muscles (which are named after Dr. Arnold Kegel).

These are your pelvic-floor muscles, and they control various functions that are related to the vagina. These should be kept strong and in good working condition as time goes on, or you will inevitably feel the decline in these functions –including less powerful orgasms later on in life, or the complete inability to achieve an orgasm. Kegel balls are the best way to exercise your kegel muscles, and they can be found cheaply through the internet – discreetly, if you don’t need anyone else to know.

Can You Benefit From a Kegel Exerciser?

The majority of women never exercise their kegel muscles because they are never taught that it’s necessary to do so if you want to keep your pelvic floor muscles strong later on in life – especially if you have already had children and need to get your body to recover back to where it was before you were pregnant. Even if you have never had children before, the decline of muscle function is normal, and starting with kegel exercises early on in your life can be highly beneficial.

Most women can benefit from a kegel exerciser, and it doesn’t matter what your age is; you can benefit just as much from a kegel exerciser at the age of twenty-something as you can later on in your fifties, sixties or later on – it’s never too late or too early to start taking care of your vaginal health. Ideally, it’s better if you realize the importance of this in your twenties and thirties.

Even if you consider yourself fit – and your vagina healthy – you could make use of kegel balls at least a few times per week: This will mean that the decline in muscle function will affect you considerably later on in life because you prepared earlier for it.

The Best Kegel Tools for the Best Results

Obviously, you should look at buying kegel tools the same way you would look at buying any other exercise equipment for your body or home: You want to buy the best quality exercise equipment at the best possible price point – without having to break the bank at the same time.

While you can find kegel balls for sale offline, most people opt to buy online just because it’s easier. Many online retailers of things like kegel tools also choose to be discreet, and will also put something non-obvious on both your credit charge and your delivery that doesn’t say it’s a tool to exercise your vagina: Instead, a lot of online retailers of adult products will ship your items in a nondescript or pharmaceutical-looking package – so no, you don’t have to worry about any awkward moments with the postal service or winks-and-nudges from the UPS guy.

Buy from a reputable online dealer that other people have already bought from successfully. A great way to do this is to check online reviews for the retailer and take a look at what type of reviews they have gotten from others: Was the product delivered on time, and was the product of the quality that they expected?

Kegel Muscles over Time

Naturally, the muscles that compose the pelvic floor region will degenerate over time – though there is no telling exactly at which time in life this will happen. For some women, this is something that will happen only later on in their life – when they hit their forties, fifties or sixties; for other women, this is something that will happen much earlier on and they might start feeling it in their twenties or thirties.What factors can make you more susceptible to the decline of the function of your kegel muscles? There are plenty of factors at play here, including genetic factors and how active you have been keeping throughout your life – yes, the vagina and pelvic muscles need to be exercised just like every other part of your body.

It’s almost never too early on in your life to start making use of kegel exercises and kegel balls; you don’t have to wait until you start noticing the decline of your muscles to start doing anything about it – and doctors recommend that you don’t wait that long at all. Start exercising your muscles at least a few times per day; it doesn’t take as much effort as you might think, and it’s the one kind of exercise that won’t be straining your heart!

Kegel Muscles over Time

What are Kegel Balls?

Kegel balls can be thought of as the Stepmaster of vaginal exercises – er, well, almost. They are what you get when you would like to take your vaginal exercises to the next level. It’s likely that you will already have seen them for sale, usually online, though you can find them in many adult stores (and some very open-minded health stores) too. Sometimes you can even find this products for sale at your local pharmacy.

They come in the form of two, usually silver, balls – if you didn’t know what they were meant for, then most people would have no clue what to do with them. In short, they are meant to aid in exercising the kegel muscles and help to strengthen these muscles – as well as teach women to have more control over the contracting and expanding of these muscles, which is a great aid for any women who is looking to strengthen the intensity of orgasms, or just get their body back to its original shape if they have recently undergone vaginal surgery of any kind, or have had children.

Often times, kegel balls will be recommended by your doctor – and if not, have an open discussion with your gynecologist or doctor about what type of kegel balls they would recommend for you.

How to Use Kegel Balls

You might have just ordered your first set of kegel balls through the internet, or you might have been given a set of kegel balls by someone else – yes, sometimes these are popular gifts at bachelorette parties, and some people just get really weird gifts. However you ended up with your kegel balls in the first place, you should probably know how to use them first.

They look a bit like an office executive tool that’s supposed to amuse bored CEO’s in their offices, a little bit like a Newton’s Cradle toy without the frame. Kegel balls are also known as venus balls, and sometimes as ben-wa balls instead – but you should know that they’re basically the same thing.

First, kegel balls are meant to be inserted into the vaginal cavity, and they are kept there – for however long needed, from a few seconds to minutes to sometimes even longer – by the use of the pelvic floor muscles. Some types of kegel balls will contain weights on the inside to make them heavier – call this the advanced form of kegel balls – and others will instead vibrate during use.

It’s also true that kegel balls aren’t just for strengthening and exercising the pelvic floor muscles, but can also be used for added stimulation.

Best Kegel Tools for Women

Of course, the two, usually small and silver kegel balls are a great tool for many women – but that’s not the only options that are available to you, either. There are a few more great kegel tools for women that you can usually find sold in most adult stores – or online if you look up “kegel tools for sale” through your nearest search engine.Some kegel tools will vibrate, and have an added remote-control function – these are also made for exercising the muscles, but focus more on providing sexual pleasure and can be considered to be more of a sex toy than a pure exercise tool. Some kegel balls are instead made from materials like crystal, for what some people believe is the added metaphysical effect of the crystals – and some people just prefer the feel.

There are even some types of “kegel trainers” for sale that manage to serve several purposes at once (both as an exercise tool and an aid to sexual pleasure and prowess); modern technology means that you can even hook some of these tools up to an app for your iPhone or Android – the app measures your exercises and progress, and sometimes even acts as a remote control for the kegel-exercising device.

Best Kegel Tools for Women

Choosing Kegel Balls

If you search “kegel balls for sale”, then you come up with about 1, 320, 000 different results – some might turn out to be actually helpful, but a lot of them aren’t. As we’ve already explained in the rest of this article, there are several different types of kegel balls and exercise devices available on the market – and it can be pretty overwhelming when you want to buy some, especially if this is your first purchase and you’ve never used them before.

For choosing kegel balls, you might find it helpful to sit down your gynecologist or doctor to ask them which options they recommend.

You will also want to consider your budget – how much do you have to spend? – and your needs: Are you looking to use kegel balls purely for exercising your pelvic muscles, or are you looking to use these for sexual stimulation (whether with or without a partner)?

For your first set of kegel balls, you will want to choose smaller, lighter ones – too much weight can be overwhelming and counterproductive if this is your first set. You might also opt to pick kegel balls with a string attached, as this can help novices who are still working on their muscle control.