Benefits of Vaginal Weightlifting

Have you heard about vaginal kung fu?

Vaginal weight lifting is an advanced Kegel exercise method with roots deeply embedded in Taoist philosophy. Sound intriguing? Slip into your training gi, get comfortable, and let’s begin your vaginal kung fu training.

What is Vaginal Kung fu?

Kim Amani founded the principals and training methods of vaginal kung fu. This Kegel training system has its roots in the ancient Taoist practice of vaginal weightlifting. Amani stumbled across the information 15 years ago and began to practice its principles. As she progressed with the techniques, the strength of her vagina has become a worldwide phenomenon. With almost 100,000 followers in Instagram, Kim has become a cultural and social sensation, as well as a self-appointed vaginal kung fu master.

Her Instagram feed features glamorous images of Kim performing vaginal kung fu in various locations and themes. Kim explains that the reason why many women do not receive pleasure from sex or find it thoroughly disappointing is that the pelvic floor muscles have atrophied away.

Kim explains that by retraining the pelvic floor muscles, it’s possible to improve the sensitivity of the vagina and experience frequent orgasms with lasting intensity. Vaginal kung fu involves the practice of controlling the PC muscles of the pelvis. Kegel tools and weight lifting equipment are used to enhance the effects of vaginal kung fu training.
Today Kim Amani travels the world performing her vaginal kung fu seminars to women all over the world. She believes that vaginal kung fu has the power to change women’s lives and empower them.

Vaginal kung fu already has thousands of testimonials from women that have tried the program and found great success with its training principles. While Kim is a real inspiration to behold, you don’t need to go to these extremes to get the most out of a vaginal weightlifting program.

Vaginal Weightlifting – The Ultimate Kegel Exercise

How strong is your vaginal kung fu? The chances are that you haven’t even heard about Kegel exercises or know very little about them. Don’t worry about your level of experience.
It only takes a few weeks to learn how to control your PC muscle if you practice Kegel exercises regularly. Once you have got the hang of contracting, holding and releasing your PC muscle, it’s time to add Kegel tools into your training. Here are a few examples of beginner Kegel weightlifting tools.

1. Ben-Wa balls
This ancient vaginal kung fu weapon, or Kegel training tool, is the original vaginal weightlifting accessory. Best suited for beginner vaginal kung fu practitioners, these balls come in different shapes and sizes. Ben-Wa balls are inserted into the front of the vagina and used to stimulate the PC muscle.
Ben-Wa balls can be used for vaginal kung fu training, or as a pleasure device in the bedroom. These beginner Kegel tools are made with non-toxic materials and are safe to use every day.

2. Luna Beads
Luna beads are the most popular beginner vaginal weightlifting tools. Luna has developed their products based on the design and operating principles of Ben-Wa balls. Their Kegel training tools come in a variety of models with smart features such as vibrating housings. Choose from their wide range of Kegel training tools and optimize your vaginal kung fu training.

Health and Safety Tip for using Kegel Tools

Remember to clean your Vaginal weight lifting equipment after every use. Wash your arsenal of vaginal kung fu weapons with some warm water and a mild soapy solution. Make sure that the balls are clean and soap-free before returning them to their case. Failure to rinse the equipment correctly could result in allergic reactions to the soap residue during your next training session.

Advanced Kegel Weightlifting Tools

The Yoni egg is the pinnacle of vaginal weightlifting equipment. This egg-shaped, semi-precious stone is usually made from jade and features a hole drilled through the center. A string threads through the hole and a weight plate, or weighted object, attached to the other end.
Women place Yoni eggs into the vagina during cultural ceremonies for their healing and restorative powers associated with the nature of precious stones and their energy. Completing vaginal kung fu exercises with a weighted Yoni egg will rapidly increase the strength of both your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles.

7 Reasons to try Vaginal Weight Lifting

1. Elevate Orgasm Intensity
Using vaginal weightlifting tools in conjunction with a vaginal kung fu program will increase the length, frequency, and intensity of your orgasms. Regular vaginal kung fu training strengthens the PC muscle, giving you greater control of the muscles and nerves in your vagina.
Kim Anami describes vaginal kung fu as the secret to “feeling” your vagina. She states that many women lose the connection to the nerves linked to pleasure from physical stimulation. According to Anami, practicing vaginal kung fu will establish the mind-vagina connection and improve the sensitivity of the vaginal walls.
When you have total control over your pelvic floor and PC muscle, it’s possible to have extended orgasms that can last for long periods of time. With enough practice, over time, you can create a female ejaculation, known as squirting.

2. Recover Quickly from Childbirth
Giving birth is one of life’s greatest miracles. Being blessed with a family is worth the pain of childbirth. Unfortunately, there is severe trauma inflicted on the vaginal canal and walls of the vagina as it stretches to birth your child into the world.
Practicing vaginal weightlifting during and after your pregnancy will reduce the severity of stretching and tearing of the vagina during childbirth. If your vagina and pelvis are well-trained in the art of vaginal kung fu, you can expect a fast recovery from the trauma.

3. Strengthen Internal Organs
The pelvic region is held together by a network of ligaments and muscles. These muscles can lose their strength over time due to the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, or traumatic injuries to the vagina during childbirth. As a result of this weakened state, the bladder and reproductive organs lose their optimal positioning and the structural integrity of your pelvic region begins to fail.
If left untreated, this muscular disorder will create dysfunction in the organs found in the pelvic area. Undergoing vaginal weightlifting programs will strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis. In some cases, vaginal kung fu training has the power to reverse muscular imbalances of the pelvic floor and cure disorders such as urinary incontinence.

4. Boost Libido and Desire
If the health of your pelvic floor is in decline, then you can expect your sex life to be disappointing as well. If you can’t feel your vagina, how can you take pleasure from sex with your partner? Practicing vaginal kung fu will improve your “mind-vagina” connection. This term describes the intricate web or nerve endings in your vagina and how they connect to your brain.
Vaginal kung fu works to intensify this connection until you experience a complete connection between the vaginal nerves and your mind. Improving this connection results better control of your sexual behavior, boosting your libido and desire for your partner. Your sexual energy plays a significant role in your mental, emotional, and physical state of well-being. When you mind-vagina connection is strong, you will experience a better quality of life.

5. Increase Natural Lubrication
Do you find that you dry up during sex or while masturbating? Vaginal weightlifting routines will help you juices start to flow. Daily practice of vaginal kung fu exercises will improve control over your vaginal muscles.
When you have better health of your pelvic floor and reproductive system, production of vaginal fluids will increase to help you with your training and during sex. Make sure that you stay hydrated during your training. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water each day and adjust your diet. Eliminate refined carbohydrates and increase the use of healthy fats.

6. Cure Urinary Incontinence
When the pelvic floor is weak, it places stress on the other muscles surrounding the urethra. This condition results in a urinary disorder known as urinary incontinence.
If you have ever experienced laughing hard and dribbling out a little pee involuntarily while doing so, then you could be living with the condition. Kegel weight lifting is the solution to your incontinence issues. Take back control of your bladder and build a strong pelvic floor with vaginal kung fu.

7. Improve Sexual Vitality
Our sexual health is directly related to the health of our pelvic muscles. If they are neglected and abused, then you can expect them to lose the functionality. Kegel weightlifting gives you the opportunity to improve your sexual health and longevity by doing a set of exercises for just a few minutes each day.

Designing a Vaginal Kung fu Training Program

If you don’t have the $500 needed to attend one of the Kim Anami professional vaginal kung fu seminars, don’t stress about it. While it’s good to learn from the master, you can make a lot of progress by yourself. Here is a 3-step program to perfect vaginal kung fu training at home.

White Belt Training Program

You have to learn to crawl before you can walk. This age-old cliché rings true with your vaginal kung fu training. The first place to start on your journey to mastery of your pelvic floor is learning to control your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle.
For this stage of your training, you will not require any weighted assistance or Kegel tools to get a great workout. Start by locating your PC muscle. You can achieve this by inserting a finger into your vagina and squeezing your vaginal walls up toward your lower back. You should feel a pulling sensation in your vagina, the source of the feeling is your PC muscle.
Work on isolating that muscle. Once you have control over it, contract the muscle to its maximum and hold it for five to ten seconds before releasing it to rest. Complete 3 rounds of 10 repetitions for your basic workout.

Black Belt Training Program

Once you have mastered the white belt level, it’s time to step up your vaginal kung fu training. Now is the time to add Kegel tools to your exercises. Sit down, relax, and select your favorite Luna beads or Ben-Wa balls. Insert them into the front of your vagina while in a seated position.
Locate the PC muscle by squeezing the PC muscle to move the Kegel balls around in your vagina. Once you have located the PC muscle, complete 20 reps of PC holds using the technique you learned in the white belt training program. You can add variations of Ben-Wa ball holds into your vaginal kung fu program. Try them seated, standing, and squatting.
For your final black belt training exercise, insert the Kegel tool or balls into your vagina and complete your daily tasks and errands while trying to hold the Kegel tools in your vagina.

Grandmaster Training Program

The final stage of your vaginal kung fu training involves vaginal weightlifting. You don’t need to go to the extremes that Kim Anami does; not everyone wants to dangle 30 pounds of weight from their vagina. Practice with a Yoni egg until you can position and hold the Yoni egg effortlessly in your vagina.
At this stage, it’s time to begin to add weight. Start with a 5oz weight plates and steadily work your way up to your maximum. It may take a long time for you to reach this level, but a few months of intensive training and you too could be a vaginal kung fu grandmaster.

Will You Give Vaginal Kung Fu a Try?

Does trying out your first vaginal kung fu class sound exciting? Why not give it a few months of consistent practice? Create a vaginal kung fu journal and log your experience as you travel along your journey to vaginal enlightenment. You will quickly progress from a white belt rank to a grand master of vaginal kung fu if you stay dedicated to your training, young grasshopper.
Have you tried vaginal kung fu? Drop us a line in the comments with your thoughts and experience!

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